Interview with Ban Tran & Justin Kim - June 2018


Read our Q&A below of M-Card members who met at a GORI event and started doing business together!

- What value does GORI bring to people?

Justin: It brings together a group of people that can connect with others on many different levels, whether it be for personal, professional or business reasons.

Ban: GORI provides a relaxed environment for organic relationship building.

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Join us in thanking MC Enoch for his service - April 2018

At any GORI event, there is one guy who always stands out among them all. His name is Enoch Cho, the main MC of GORI.

You probably know him by his energy, humor, and entertainment. He is the guy who makes sure all guests are having a great time during the event and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all. Enoch has made a significant impact in our GORI community through his hard work, natural talent, and professionalism. Enoch epitomizes GORI's values and high standards. 

After serving 6 years as main MC, Enoch decided to step down from his role to spend more time with his lovely wife, Sophia. 

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GORI connects #DREAMS - February 2018

For the past 7 years, GORI has served the community by connecting people, dreams, generations, cultures and causes.

One of GORI's core mission is helping people achieve their dreams. We have provided members with valuable career and business opportunities through our extensive networks and partnerships. We have hosted multiple career events to provide students and junior professionals with mentorship and career opportunities in New York City.

In Dec 2016, GORI was invited to Global Entrepreneurship Forum in Seoul, hosted by KAIST and Seoul National University, to share how a community-based organization like GORI could play a key role in building an ecosystem for the global startup industry and job market.  

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Interview with Dr. Christian Kang & Tommy Choi - November 2017

Read our Q&A below of M-Card members who met at a GORI event and started doing business together!

- How and where did you meet each other?

Christian: I met Tommy at a GORI event. We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. We immediately bonded and had a good time that night.  

Tommy: I met Christian at a GORI event last year. (I don't remember which one)  This tall, good looking guy was a chiropractor and I could tell immediately that he is a nice guy. Later we became very good friends.

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